Artist’s Statement

My kinship with the natural world began early in life. I would spend countless hours on the banks of our farm creek, mesmerized by the complexity found in nature. This special connection with water continues to this day. Streams and riparian wildlife are favorite painting subjects, in addition to a fondness for all animals.

I create work using watercolor and fluid acrylics, and many artists have impacted my painting approach. Carol Carter (American Contemporary painter) has been both a valuable teacher and mentor to me. Her work inspires me on a daily basis. Joseph Raffael (American Contemporary painter, residing in France) is an artist I admire from afar, having never met him. His beautiful paintings are the pinnacle of what may be created with watercolor.

My process is both traditional and contemporary. I use transparent pigments, and work from light to dark colors. My personal interpretation of natural environments results in saturated, luminous hues and contrasting values. I obtain some material for my work by hiking in the Pacific Northwest and documenting those observations in my log book. These field study photos inform my paintings, and challenge me to turn life experiences into art. Other painting subjects are simply the result of the call of the heart…what speaks to me at the moment.