Bird Nest

As the air warms, some birds in my area have begun to searching for good nesting sites. We have a pair of nesting Great Horned Owls in a nearby Douglas Fir. What a wonderful treat to listen to the male call to his mate as she incubates her eggs, and hear her response. Remembering a backyard nest, and memories of Easter egg gathering motivated me

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Red Poppies

Mornings are still quite chilly in The Dalles, Oregon, but I definitely have springtime on my mind. Pruning roses and fruit trees, cleaning up the perennial flowers, and replenishing the raised beds occupy my time as weather allows. When I can't dig in the dirt, I head back to my painting table. Red Poppies, watercolor, speaks to the coming explosion of floral color. This painting

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Light and Shadows

This is what caught my eye this morning: the rising sun hitting hosta leaves. Growing up on a farm, I was very young when I became fascinated with designs found in the plant world. I'm still being mesmerized...

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Garden Spires

I love flowers that remind me of castle spires. Garden lupines and a lone foxglove. We have such a gorgeous choice of colors to grown in our home gardens.

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