Eat a Rainbow

My visual ode to backyard gardens is Eat a Rainbow, 15' x 19" (unframed), original watercolor. I'm looking forward to later this summer, when I can harvest my own jewel-colored vegetables.

Eat a Rainbow2017-06-06T07:09:10+00:00


The cast shadows haven't been painted yet, so the appearance of floating vegetables will soon change. Onions and garlic need to be completed. I love the jewel-like hues that can be achieved transparent watercolors.


Work In Progress

We are encouraged to eat a rainbow, but it is just as satisfying to paint a rainbow of vegetables. This watercolor is in the early stage, with lots of vibrant colors to come. Early summer upon us, and young vegetables are putting on growth. I'm already anticipating my backyard garden to table meals.

Work In Progress2017-05-26T06:03:11+00:00