Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Warning Copyrighted Material.

In today’s complex world there are a staggering amount of multiple-uses in the arts; even layers upon layers of users of intellectual property, That is especially true over the internet.

We are an American-based company with a growing catalog of original art material by watercolorist, Mary Rollins. Whether you have purchased one of her originals or one of her quality art prints. Please understand that all of her work remains Copyrighted.

Still, we endeavor to keep it as simple as possible for our partners out there to use Mary’s designs, while at the same time maintaining her proprietary rights guaranteed by American and International Copyright law. Otherwise things could get way out of our control. We impose a principle upon our own company and we do expect our partners to abide by that same principle.

We adhere to this adage: “Thou shalt not steal“.

It is our hope that you (and or your organization) will honor that value as much as we honor yours and those of our growing number of partners who are developing and producing exciting new products or services for their own customers.

For those who chose not to abide by that principle, then we won’t likely partner with you or your organization in the future. By law there could also be undesireable consequences.

Mary has invested decades in developing her professional skills and training as an artist. She has worked hard developing her watercolor originals and designs. So, please help us protect her rights in that regard; and we shall also respect yours and those of your company or team as well–with our thanks.

Earnestly yours,

Dale Rollins,
Archivist for the Artist

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