Works by Mary Rollins

Dipper Creek
24" x 49"WatercolorAvailable
Ready to Ride
20" x 35"WatercolorAvailable
Contemplating Van Gogh
33" x 28"WatercolorSold

Staying Close to Momma
29" x 37" WatercolorSold
Portland Gingko Tree
23" x 18"WatercolorAvailable
Wading White Ibis
38" x 28"WatercolorAvailable
Japanese Garden Koi
Morning Mist
28" x 35"WatercolorSold
Eat a Rainbow
25" x 29"WatercolorSold

Catching the Sun
30" x 24"watercolorSold
Number 20 Number 20
22" x 34"watercolorSold
New Arrival to the Aspens
36" x 42"WatercolorSold
Eggplant & Lemons Eggplant and Lemon
30" x 33"watercolorSold
harelquin duck, Oregon streams, watercolor Wild Waters
24" x 31"WatercolorSold
Tufted Puffin Tufted Puffin
26" x 29"watercolorSold
cow in western sage country Sage Cow
26" x 34"WatercolorSold
Autumn Flow Autumn Flow
29" x 35"watercolorSold
Spotted Towhee Thicket
18" x 24"Watercolor and AcrylicSold
Fresh Face painting Fresh Face
26" x 26"watercolorSold
Neighborhood Burro
21" x 20"WatercolorSold
29" x 38"WatercolorSold
Pacific Mussels Pacific Mussels
27" x 28"WatercolorSold
31" x 37"watercolorSold
Chex My Girl
20" x 30"WatercolorSold
Abundance Abundance
Sun on Badger Creek
33" x 23"WatercolorSold
Refelections Reflections
28" x 25"WatercolorSold
River in My Soul River in My Soul
28" x 39"WatercolorSold
All Ears and Legs All Ears and Legs
37" x 23"watercolorSold
Bear Grass Bear Grass
Watercolor and AcrylicSold

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